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Get More 5 Star Reviews Fast, Push Bad Reviews Down, Improve Your Review Star Average

With ReviewCopia your business now has a simple yet powerful platform to get 5 Stars when ever you need them.

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What is ReviewCopia?

ReviewCopia is an automated online reputation management platform designed to get customer feedback about your business, capture their testimonials and reviews for use on your website, as well as encouraging positive reviews on Google, Facebook, Yelp, and others. It’s that simple.

It Starts With The “Copia Question.”

While many elements go into the success of ReviewCopia, one core feature is the “Copia Question” or how we ask your customer for their review. We ask a proven survey question that works every time, it’s simple, “How would you rate your overall experience with _______________”, and you customize the ending with your business, name, service, or product.

ReviewCopia 5-Star Rating

Customers Share Their Stories

Customers that rate you highly will then be asked to review your business on the important review sites that you’ve pre-selected for your account. ReviewCopia is designed to protect you from poor reviews.

Unsatisfactory customer experiences are captured privately, and an apology email is sent immediately asking for more feedback. This allows you the opportunity to follow-up with the customer to resolve their issue, and regain their approval and support of your business’ brand.

Track Your Results

ReivewCopia lets you see the progress of each invitation at every point along the way. From ‘sent’ status, to whether it has been opened or not, and even how many stars that email address gave, you have access to every review. ReviewCopia keeps you up-to-date with real time reporting and information.

When those 5-Star Reviews do come in and they will, you will be able to sit back and watch your star average go up –all year long!

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